Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Burying a pet on a sunny day

Just got back from a dress rehearsal for the S&P concert. Rehearsal went pretty smoothly, although I'm not used to being the "human pitch pipe." We'll see how it goes this weekend--I might back out of that role in the future.

The weather was beautiful today! Before I left to pick up the kids from school, I took Otto (the big tortoise) out of his winter home in the garage, and put him outside to walk around in the sun.

We also buried B's tortoise, Augie, who died while we were on vacation. I was ready to bury her at Grandma's house, but B and M both insisted that we bury the tortoise at our house, on a nice sunny day. So, yes, after Christmas, we drove home from Southern California with a dead tortoise in our cooler. The body has been in the garage freezer since then, waiting for the perfect day.

I spent 1 1/2 hours outside today, pulling up weeds in the back yard. There are two main kinds of weeds in the our back yard: one with rounded, deeply serrated leaves, and one with little round leaves. The ones with little round leaves are usually a pain to pull up, but today was just the right time. The ground was still damp from last week's rains, and the weeds very thoughtfully sprouted flower stalks that made perfect handles for pulling them out of the ground.

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SirAl said...

You apparently stole our beautiful weather because it is in the 20s now :-).

Good luck with your blog. I've been blogging for several years. Sometimes I have weeks where I don't write anything, but I am still glad that I have it there as an outlet for expression.