Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scheduling the Family Dinner

We are trying out a new schedule for Tuesdays and Fridays this year, which involves family dinner at 4:30 pm. I'm not sure if I like the schedule (it was very rushed today, trying to get dinner on the table), but the only other time we can eat together on those days is 8:00 pm, which is B's bedtime. The problem is that this year, B's ballet classes are much later: 5:30-7:30 on Tuesday and Friday, 6:00-7:30 on Monday. With the 20-30 minute drive, that pretty much precludes having dinner at a normal hour.

Mondays I've given up on--there is no hope of having anything resembling a family dinner. The kids both have late-afternoon activities, in two different cities, and I have an evening rehearsal in yet another city. We're still trying to figure out the best arrangement for who's taking who where in which car:

   4:30 Leave for M's fencing class
   5:00 M's fencing class begins
        (30-40 minute gap for errands)
   6:00 B's ballet class begins
   6:30 M's fencing class ends
   7:00 My carpool to rehearsal departs
   7:30 B's ballet class ends


Anna Banana said...

So you eat in the car on Mondays? Someone should come up with healthy, car-friendly take out that kids like. It would be a huge money-maker!

Super Alto said...

It looks like dinner in the car for the kids, at least. I have a little break at home after dropping off the kids (DH will be picking them up), so I can at least have some leftovers.

I would LOVE to have appropriate takeout on those nights, but unfortunately, "healthy" and "liked by kids" seem to be mutually exclusive concepts :-(