Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What to Wear?

Every morning, I get out of bed, and eventually I get dressed. I try to look at the weather forecast, but sometimes I don't have time. I think I've only worn the right clothing one day this week!

Sunday, I wanted to put on something nice for New Year's Eve dinner, and I thought red was a good choice, so I put on a red wool sweater. It was nice and warm that day, and I was quite toasty.

On Monday, I learned from what happened on Sunday, so I put on a cotton sweater. By the time I dropped off the kids at their afternoon activities, the temperature had dropped, so I was freezing all night (I was at rehearsal, so I couldn't change).

Yesterday I got it right--wool sweater with a turtleneck. I was especially glad I was wearing that when the fire alarm went off at 9:30 am, and we all got to spend thirty minutes standing outside in the cold.

Today, when I got up, it was 32 degrees outside, so I went for the wool sweater and turtleneck again. Not the right thing to wear--by the time I picked up B from school, it was nearly 60 here, so I was quite warm again.

I have no idea what I'm going to put on tomorrow morning. Maybe a sweatshirt over a T-shirt?


Libby said...

I feel your pain! I wait for the bus to work at the bottom of a dark canyon, where, for example, it was 38 when I left for work, but the high was in the 70s. Turtlenecks are a good all-purpose base layer in winter. I usually pair it with a fleece layer and windproof jacket or just the jacket with a scarf. That way layers may be peeled off and added as temperatures fluctuate.

Super Alto said...

I like the turtlenecks in winter, too. There's also the question of which coat to wear over the base layer(s). When it's 29 degrees in the morning, I put on my winter coat, because the fleece I bought when we moved to San Diego just isn't enough up here. By lunch time, the fleece would be just right, but I'm stuck with the heavy coat until I get home. (Carrying two coats around seems excessive, but maybe that's what I need to start doing.)