Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Feeling Disconnected

Current mental soundtrack: "Alley Cat Love Song" by Paul Carey

On Sunday I drove to San Diego with B, M, and the two dogs. The trip went smoothly, with only a few quick breaks, but I discovered in L.A. that my cell phone was not working. At first, I assumed I just wasn't getting a signal in the hills, but as we got closer to civilization, I was still only getting a recorded error message. (No, I wasn't trying to talk while driving--I handed the phone to B and told her what buttons to push.) We finally got through to DH's parents on M's cell phone (which had been missing for weeks--I found it in the beach bag as we were packing for the trip) to let them know when we were arriving to drop off the dogs. We weren't sure how Poppy and the resident dog would get along, but there was absolutely no drama there. A quick sniff, and all three dogs ran off to play.

It took me a while to figure out what happened to the phone. I preordered an iPhone 3G S last Friday, with delivery scheduled for the 19th. I wanted to keep my current phone number, so I requested that they port it to the iPhone. Apparently someone (I suspect the ever-so-unhelpful people at Tracfone, although it's possible AT&T had a hand in it, too) decided that meant my phone needed to be deactivated immediately. So I'm on the road with no phone service until Friday. I tried reactivating the phone with a new phone number on Monday morning, since I still have 200+ minutes good until the end of the month, but after spending way too much time on the phone with "Veronica" in customer (dis)service, she thanked me for being a customer since 2003 and told me my phone was defective, so I should go out and buy a new one, then call them back to get the minutes transferred. Riiiight...

DH arrives tomorrow night, and the internet situation should improve then. My parents have a single connection, with no wireless, which means B, M, my dad, and I are all vying for time on the computer. B and my dad don't spend much time online, but M has taken advantage of being out of school by reactivating his World of Warcraft account. DH has the AirPort Express with him that we use when we travel, so hopefully I'll be online a bit more after tomorrow.

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Paul Carey said...

Ho super alto!

I am honored (I think?) to have been on your mental sound track!

Paul Carey