Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Current mental soundtrack: Star Trek theme (kids were watching one of the movies earlier tonight)

Today's accomplishments:
  • Laundry: First six loads washed, dried, and folded. Last load in the dryer right now.
  • Garden: Didn't do much today, but did some weeding and picked up several buckets of yard waste.
  • Baking: B saw our four overripe bananas and requested banana bread, so 1.5 loaves are now sitting on the counter (they don't last long around here)
  • Treats: Matzo brittle made for S&P rehearsal tomorrow night. It was a successful experiment--I saw the recipe in the newspaper earlier this week and thought it sounded interesting. Four thumbs up from the family. Still need to pick up some hummus, as our Safeway was sold out today. 
  • March Madness:  After seven years of entering a friend's pool, I actually won this year! Yes, I know the tournament isn't over yet, but our friend has calculated that no one else has enough potential points left to catch me. Woohoo!
Happy Sunday!

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