Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back in Business

Mental soundtrack: "My Romance" from Jumbo, by Rodgers & Hart, arr. Kirby Shaw

Sorry it's been quiet recently. There was vacation, followed by a weekend visit from my college friends, then a week of learning to make digital scrapbooks (I'm 1/3 of the way through our trip now).

School started today (yes, one of my children is a night owl like me, and one isn't):

It was nice and quiet here most of the day, then from 3:30 on it was all a blur. Picked up the carpool (line was long today), dropped kids off, went to the grocery store, made a quick dinner, signed a gazillion forms, went to dress rehearsal for S&P's House Music fundraiser (Sunday at 4:00!), then off to Voci rehearsal. Got home at 10:15, "helped" M with his math homework (only had to sit next to him and watch him finally solve on his own the problem that had been stumping him), reviewed some French verbs with M. Off to have a snack and go to bed!

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