Sunday, September 26, 2010

Singing Sunday

It's been a long day with lots of singing. I started off the day subbing in the church choir--always a lot of fun to show up and sing beautiful music (and get paid for it!). After lunch, I picked up B's friend from ballet to spend the afternoon at our house.

Mid-afternoon was Alison Howard's memorial at her house. Voci sang two of Alison's favorite songs, we listened to all kinds of stories about her life, and enjoyed some delicious food.

After the memorial, we headed out to another Voci member's house for the soprano sectional (the altos had theirs on Thursday). We got a lot of work done in two hours, then we all went home for dinner.

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Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

That sounds fun. {Smile}

I sing and play the recorder at my church when I can make it. My schedule just rectly opened up so that the 5:30pm service is often do-able. {Smile}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin