Friday, October 22, 2010

M's Weekend

The calendar for this weekend is filled with M's activities, for a change. He is off at a birthday party sleepover right now. Tomorrow morning, we pick him up at 9:00, and have to have him up in Hercules by 10:00 for a piano studio class. He'll be back from that a little after noon, then we leave just before 1:00 to pick up his carpool and go to fencing class. Sunday is an in-school fencing tournament, and Monday is the first tech dress rehearsal for the school play (he's running the light board for one of the casts).

B's weekend, on the other hand, looks very relaxed. She'll be gone Saturday night and all day Sunday, at a beach house with L and her family.

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Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

That does sound like a busy week or so. I'm impressed. {Smile}

Now when are these two going to calm down at the same time? {Amused Smile, wink}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin