Thursday, December 4, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

Current mental soundtrack: "The Angel" from Rachmoninoff's Six Choruses

On Monday night, after S&P rehearsal, I had a close encounter with a pedestrian. She was wearing dark clothing, and crossing at an intersection with no lights. By the time I saw her in my headlights, I had to slam on the brakes, and she started sprinting, so we managed to miss each other.

Tuesday night's close encounter was with a cyclist, riding after dark, who didn't stop for the stop sign at a confusing intersection where I was trying to make a left turn. (It was one of those four-way stops where the streets are misaligned.)

At this point, I was wondering if I needed to get my eyes checked, but Wednesday's close encounter proved that there's simply a conspiracy against me this week. It was broad daylight, and I had just picked up M's carpool at the middle school. A student waiting to cross the street must have not seen me coming: as soon as there was a break in oncoming traffic, he started running across the street, right in front of me.

I wonder how many people are going to leap in front of my car today...

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Libby said...

Here's hoping all future close encounters involving you and your car are with things like raindrops. I had a close encounter with a tumbleweed on the 805 a few weeks ago- while nearly hitting something inanimate is definitely better than nearly hitting a person, they're rawther spiky.