Sunday, November 30, 2008

No Turkey Today

Current mental soundtrack: "A Hymn to the Virgin," by Benjamin Britten

A nice, relaxing weekend. On Saturday, we spent an hour or two raking leaves and cleaning the gutters, but that was the only thing resembling work that we did.

I started off today by going to church (subbing in the choir). After an hour of so of singing lovely music, I picked up the family and we headed over to San Francisco to meet up with my sister and parents. The plan was to go to the newly remodeled California Academy of Sciences. For those of you planning a visit, I have one piece of advice: buy a ticket in advance! After driving around Golden Gate Park for a while, we found a parking space, and strolled through the park to the Academy. It was about 1:30 pm, and they had already sold out for the entire day! We opted to walk across the street and visit the DeYoung Museum (our kids' favorite museum).

For dinner, we went to Ton Kiang, our new favorite Chinese restaurant. We had a feast: the Peking duck was the best we've ever had (crispy skin, tender meat), and we also had crab, squid, spareribs, shrimp, and potstickers. Yum!

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