Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shades of Beige

Since B has moved up to Level 4 at her ballet school, she is now required to add foundation and powder to her makeup kit for the Nutcracker. We stopped by the drugstore on Thursday, and were completely overwhelmed by the selection there! We spent about ten minutes trying to figure out whether she would look better in Creamy Ivory, Golden Bisque, Neutral Buff, or another one of the million shades out there. We finally gave up, and decided to visit a department store today. A little pricier, but bringing home the wrong color from the drugstore could end up costing quite a bit, too.

Is there a method for choosing the right color at the drugstore? Other than buying more than one color and taking them home to try on? I have to admit that I know very little about makeup. I wear it for performances, but I order my foundation and powder from Zhen, a company that specializes in makeup for Asian skin. (And I remember spending way too long about a decade ago, holding the catalog up to my face with my mom and sister, so I could figure out which of Zhen's six shades I should order.)

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