Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's All In the Timing

I like to cook, when I have the time, and I usually try to provide home-cooked dinners for my family several times a week. Meals with vegetables, not too much red meat over the course of the week, etc. When DH is away, I let the kids pick the meals they want, as it's a chance for them to ask for things that DH doesn't really like. So, tonight's menu is macaroni and cheese (the kind in the blue box), with added tuna and peas for M and me. Tomorrow night we don't have any activities in the evening, so we're going to have TV dinners (a treat the kids ask for whenever DH travels). Naturally, these are the two days that M has been instructed to log everything he eats for his Wellness class. They're going to think his mother doesn't know how to cook, and that he lives on junk food!

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mundungus42 said...

On the bright side, then at least that teacher won't ask you to make food for class events :D