Friday, February 27, 2009

Time for Electives

M's middle school sent home the elective-choice form for 7th grade today. I wasn't expecting it quite so soon, but I guess they need to start planning for how many students will be in each class. In addition to checking whether or not they want to take a foreign language (French or Spanish, limited to first 150 registrants each), they have to number six choices from the rest of the classes. I'm impressed with the offerings--there are a lot of neat classes. I don't remember having any elective choices until 8th grade, and even then I only had two one-semester classes (I wanted Art and Home Ec, but my parents made me take Science instead of Art).

M gets to choose four semesters worth of electives (two periods a day). In addition to checking the box for French 1A, he has decided that he would like to try Video Production, Computer Graphics, Chorus, Web Design, Yearbook, or Wood Technology I. DH and I were a little surprised by the Wood Technology choice, as M did not have an easy time with that in the 6th-grade Cycle class. I guess he had fun, even though his friend had to help him finish his project!

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