Sunday, December 12, 2010

Traffic, Concerts, Chores, Etc.

The traffic gods smiled upon me today. On Friday and Saturday, traffic going to my evening concerts was awful, and I was late for call despite allowing 45 minutes for the drive. Today was the day with a quick turnaround--I finished one concert in Oakland at 6:00, and had to be in San Francisco for another one by 7:30. It only took me 35 minutes--no traffic at all until I reached SF, and only a little slowdown there.

Four concerts and one Nutcracker (co-stage manager) this weekend, and DH is off enjoying the cold and dark in Sweden. The kids did almost all of the chores I requested today, but they have some interesting blind spots. M took out the trash that was in the kitchen trash can, and even put in a new bag, but somehow never saw the three bags of extra trash sitting in front of the can. Both kids emptied the dishwasher (mostly--they left the coffeepot and filter, because those weren't assigned to one kid or another), but putting their dirty dishes into the empty dishwasher never occurred to them. I arrived home this evening to a counter full of dirty dishes, and complaints all around that they were running out of clean underwear. (Gee, I wonder why mom hasn't had time to do the laundry this weekend?)

Onward to Nutcracker: this week I'm working three outreach performances, 1.5 dress rehearsals, and one regular performance, plus I have a ticket to see B dance in one of the shows. Oh, and if you didn't make it to any of my FOUR concerts this weekend, you have one more chance next Saturday!

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