Monday, April 18, 2011

Venetian Birthday

B's birthday-party theme this year was "Birthday in Venice." She had seven friends at her party (two more were out of town and couldn't make it). 

The cake

Vanilla with lemon filling and buttercream underneath rolled fondant

The Carnival masks:

We spray-painted paper-mache masks gold and glossy white, then set the girls loose with feathers, sequins, glitter, paint, and glue guns

The gondola races:
The birthday girl
The two teams (each girl had to put on a gondolier hat, striped shirt, black pants, red sash, and enormous black shoes, then race to the other end of the room and back while carrying a cardboard "gondola."

Another successful party, although I'm sure we're going to be finding feathers and glitter in random places for weeks.

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Anne Elizabeth Baldwin said...

{Chuckle} That does look like a fun party. I'll be surprised if you find all the glitter in less than a several months, tho. {MISCHIEVOUS SMILE}

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin