Sunday, April 26, 2009

B's Tenth Birthday Party

We survived another birthday party here at the house. I'm amazed at how much noise ten girls can make!

The theme this year was American Girls. B sketched out the design for me, and I put together the invitation:

She also designed the cake that I finished last night:

When the girls arrived, we started them on some crafts. We provided cloth napkins, fabric paint, and fabric markers for them to make doll blankets. I think next time I'll stick to markers--the paint takes too long to dry. Another table was set up for them to design books for their dolls & stuffed animals, since it dawned on me late last night that the doll blankets were too big to all fit on the table at once.

Next on the plan was Molly's Mystery Party Game, which I bought from the American Girl website (on clearance!). It was a bit on the cheesy side, but the girls had fun doing it.

After that, they played Charades. I printed out a custom set of cards for the game, which they played in two teams. In addition to the usual list of movies, books, etc., I threw in several characters from Seussical, since nine of the ten girls at the party are in next week's show.

Last, but not least, came the cake and gifts. The dolls and stuffed friends had their own party (with miniature blondies to eat):

The birthday girl and her cake:


Anonymous said...

Kirsten and I would have loved something like this when I was ten! What a fantastic party! Well done, planner, executor, and cake-maker!

Super Alto said...

Hey, we have a Kirsten at our house, too! I think she and Molly enjoyed the party--they both got new shoes from my sister.