Monday, April 27, 2009

Show Biz

B's life just got a little more interesting. Seussical is scheduled for this weekend, and we just found out that her counterpart in the other cast has broken her foot, so B is doing all four shows this weekend. Dress rehearsal for the other cast is tomorrow, so she'll be scrambling to find out where S stands in the chorus numbers (standing order in each cast was determined by height, not role).

I really feel sorry for S--she put a lot of work into this, and happened to have an accident the week of the show. I hope she gets a really good role next year!

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Anna Banana said...

Let's go on with the show!

Soundtrack today was the entire PWC concert. I listened to the retreat again yesterday - really love the Mozart. It's not often that an alto chorister can feel like an opera singer!