Friday, May 9, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

Why is it that everything is always scheduled on the same weekend? This weekend isn't going to be too bad (Voci concert, fencing class, ballet rehearsal, drop DH off at airport), but the following weekend is when everything hits. It would be really nice if things were spread out over a couple of different weekends!

Things we are going to do next weekend:

• Friday evening ballet performance (B)
• Friday evening S&P concert (me)
• Saturday morning pick up DH from airport
• Saturday morning fencing class (M)
• Saturday afternoon ballet performance (B)
• Saturday evening S&P concert (me)
• Sunday all-day fencing tournament (M)
• Sunday afternoon Voci concert (me)

Things we are NOT going to do next weekend, because we couldn't figure out any way to get to them:

• Friday evening piano recital (M & B)
• Friday night overnight field trip (B)
• Saturday afternoon birthday party (B)

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