Monday, May 19, 2008


B and I love performing, but we are quite glad to to be done with this past weekend!

Friday's and Saturday's S&P concerts did prove to be quite warm, so the women went with short sleeves/sleeveless black tops. (The men left off their tux jackets.) We also decided, while changing in the bathroom, that we were all going to wear our black sandals and forget the hose + closed-toe shoes that are normally required. I was not the only woman who brought a whole bagful of black clothes--many of us wanted to see what everyone else was wearing and exactly how hot it was going to be.

We saw B dance on Saturday afternoon, and enjoyed the show, but we discovered that the Julia Morgan Theater does NOT have air conditioning. I felt sorry for the dancers--they looked really hot and sweaty.

Sunday's Voci concert was not as hot, so we wore our regular long-sleeved outfits. (We did all bring short sleeves, though, just in case.) The concert went quite well, and M even admitted to liking some of the music :-) B didn't like it, but she made some very creative alterations to her concert program. I'll try and scan it later this week, but the best one was the sketch after the translation for "Agnus Dei" ("Lamb of God, who taketh away the sins of the world..."). There's a little drawing of "God's Lamb" with his "Sin Repeller," repelling a "Sin".

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