Thursday, March 12, 2009

All in an Evening's Work

Tonight I baked about a hundred heart-shaped mini-cupcakes for the Voci fundraiser on Sunday. They're going to become petits fours (I hope!). It took forever, because I was too cheap to buy more than one little pan (each pan makes twelve mini-cupcakes). I also folded several loads of laundry (didn't quite finish all of them), and decorated M's T-shirt with a pi. This year, Pi Day falls on a Saturday, so M's school is celebrating tomorrow. In math class, every student will get their own apple pi(e), and M's teacher is offering extra credit for showing up in a pi shirt.


Anna Banana said...

Hi Edna,
Thought you would enjoy this cupcake link:

Super Alto said...

Very cool! I've actually made Bakerella's cake balls before, but the little cupcake bites are really cute--I'll have to try those next time.