Monday, March 9, 2009


Poppy came home with us yesterday, but I haven't managed to get a good photo of her yet. She's a six-month-old shepherd mix, black and tan, and very sweet. We found her at the Oakland SPCA, where she had been turned in as a stray.

Coda wasn't too sure what to think about all this yesterday, but today they played together for a little while. I think this will be very good for Coda--she has turned into a couch potato because we don't exercise her often enough. Poppy is a speedy dog, and I ended their first play session today because Coda was looking worn out from all that running!

B has ordered me to bring Poppy to school today when I pick her up. A lot of her friends have been getting new puppies recently, and she wants to show hers off, too. It's going to be a fun walk, as Poppy doesn't have leash manners yet--based on our brief walk yesterday, it looks like I'll be dragged up the hill to the school at a pretty rapid pace!

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Anonymous said...

Hurrah for Poppy, and hurrah to you and your family for rescuing a dog! *hugs you*