Monday, March 30, 2009


M participated in an in-house fencing tournament at his fencing school today, and won second place! The last two or three tournaments, he placed near the bottom of the field, so he wasn't expecting to do so well today. However, he did mention to me a few weeks ago that he had decided to start listening to what the coaches were telling him to do, rather than just jabbing away wildly..

I nearly missed the whole thing--I sang at church this morning, so I didn't arrive at the fencing school until noon. When I came in the door, I looked around for M, and eventually identified him as one of the two fencers bouting (all the kids look alike from the back, dressed in white fencing outfits with masks on, but the shoes and socks looked right). After the first bout, one of the coaches saw me and led me to a better viewing position so I could watch my son fence in the gold medal match:

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