Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daylight Savings Snooooze

Time to set all those clocks forward and change the smoke alarm batteries. Everything has a clock now. So far, I've counted five clocks in just the kitchen!

We finally got around to making a trip to the animal shelter today, in search of a puppy to keep Coda company during the day. Actually, we ended up visiting three shelters. The first one had no puppies, so they sent us to the one across the street, which had a litter of cute little cocker spaniels. We passed on those (adorable, but we were looking for something else), and made our way to the Oakland SPCA. Our trip was slowed considerably by the TWO rollover accidents involving red SUVs: I joked with DH that if we had been driving a red SUV, I would have pulled over at that point and taken BART home! On the way to Oakland, someone brought up the question of exactly what age was the cutoff to be considered a puppy. DH and the kids finally settled on six months. Lo and behold, we found a lovely six-month-old shepherd mix in Oakland. Because of the traffic issues, we arrived 15 minutes before closing, so we'll have to go back tomorrow (with Coda!) to start the adoption process.

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