Monday, June 16, 2008

Party, party, party

Current mental soundtrack (thanks to M): Indiana Jones theme (John Williams)

It was a three-party weekend! The kids' last day of school was Friday. At their school, each class has an after-school party, generally held at the home of someone with a pool. Last year, DH went to M's party, and I went to B's party. This year, we started out by swapping. I went to M's party, which was a short one with no pool (the kids had already had a box lunch social before school let out), and DH went to B's, at the local swim club. DH had to leave for a meeting, so M and I hiked over to the swim club and joined B.

Saturday was the S&P end-of-year potluck. We had perfect weather, and everyone was fascinated by the large tortoise we have roaming around the back yard. Otto has learned a new trick this week--he can now climb up the two steps to the deck, so we often see him next to the house. Unfortunately, he can't climb back down, so he's stuck up there without any food. He seems to like it, though--everytime we carried him back down to the grass, he came right back up.

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