Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Ring of Death

M's XBox 360 just died. Naturally, it's out of warranty (it was a Christmas/birthday gift in 2006). BUT, a little research turned up the fact the Micro$oft has extended the warranty on these things, since so many of them were defective. The Red Ring of Death even has its own Wikipedia entry.

After getting past the overly cheerful computer voice and speaking to a live person, it actually didn't take very long. He (the live person) verified that we had the RROD (three red lights plus green power light), and took our info so they can send us a postage-paid box.

I'm sure this is just how M wants to start his summer vacation...


Anonymous said...

As frustrating as it must be to have a not-yet-two-year old piece of hardware fail, I'm glad the Evil Empire is doing the right thing and replacing/fixing your console. Or at least giving you the impression that they will whilst secretly hoping you'll forget about it. Something tells me that won't work in this case :D

Super Alto said...

I was pleasantly surprised by the competence of their customer service. Of course, I'll reserve final judgement until we get a working console returned to us :-)

BTW, if you Google "Red Ring of Death," you can find a number of interesting articles, including a video of one of M$'s own demo machines at the Game Developer's Conference displaying the RROD!