Saturday, June 21, 2008

Triple Digits

It's hot here! Yesterday was the first day of summer, and it reached 104° at our house. Fortunately, we have just joined the local swim club, so the kids were able to spend some time at the pool, while I sweated under an umbrella.

Today was almost as hot, so I decided to give both of our cars a badly needed wash. In honor of EBMUD's water rationing, I drove the cars onto the front lawn, so that the runoff wouldn't be wasted. (Since I watered the lawn yesterday, does that count as watering two days in a row, which isn't allowed?) The cars look much better now--it's probably been over a year since they were properly washed.

Keep cool, and make sure you have plenty of popsicles :-) We are having fried rice tonight, which is one of M's favorite meals.

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