Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Beep beep beep

It's now Tuesday morning, and here's the status of my to-do list from Saturday:

M's fencing class (DH took him)

Fold last week's laundry (two weeks worth of clothes)
The clothes are folded and sorted, but the kids' baskets are still decorating our bedroom

Wash this week's laundry (sheets and towels)
Washed, not yet folded

Bake and decorate cake for party we're attending tomorrow

Finish balancing checkbook so I can do my taxes

Weed front yard
1/3 done

Prepare music for a rehearsal next week that I'm subbing for
Not yet...

Copy music for group I'm putting together to sing at a fundraiser in April

Not too bad, overall. And our taxes are 99% done--I just need to check a few things before sending them in.

Next on the list--a good night's sleep. Last night's should have been, but some alarm in our house decided at 11:00 pm to announce its low battery status. It didn't beep constantly, just three quick beeps at a time, which isn't enough to track down the source of the beeping. Sometimes there would be 30 minutes between beeps, sometimes 30 seconds, and I never knew which to expect. At 12:30 am, I finally tracked it down to the smoke detector in the garage! DH woke up this morning to a pile of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in the family room, all without batteries (I just kept removing them until I found the one making the noise.) I was too tired to put new batteries in and put them all back up on the ceiling, although I did think as I fell asleep for the final time that it would be very ironic if that was the night our house burned down...

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