Friday, March 28, 2008

Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez' birthday (March 31st) is an official holiday in the state of California, so I had a day off from work today. (Don't ask me why we got today off rather than Monday the 31st, which I would have preferred.) I got to sleep in (DH took the kids to school), and had a leisurely lunch at home.

After that, I went to the website for the kids' school to confirm that their "Spring Sing" (annual performance for parents) was at 1:00 (I've missed a couple of things this year because they didn't stick in my brain). That's when I saw the announcement that there was no hot lunch served today. Oops. I slapped together a pair of sandwiches, grabbed two cartons of chocolate milk from the garage fridge, and raced to the school. I actually managed to find both kids before lunch time was over (yes, they had their usual lunch break, just no food!) and shoved the sandwiches into their hands. I also managed to slice my finger on something--I have no idea what. The sharpest implement I used was a butter knife to spread the peanut butter, but when I went back to my laptop to check one last thing before leaving, I discovered that the trackpad doesn't work if your finger is dripping blood everywhere. Ick.

The Spring Sing was cute, and B's class showed off their "realistic fiction" writing to us afterwards. B is spending the night at a friend's house, so M got to try out being an only child tonight. We went to the store to buy a cherry pie, and played Halo 3 for a couple of hours. I am hopelessly incompetent at that game ("Wait, was I supposed to press the top right button or the bottom right button?"), but M puts up with me because he's desperate for someone to play with at home. (I refuse to let B play "M" rated games at age 8.)

If you'd like to read about what one of my friends did with her day off, check out Blatherings. It sounds like her day was a little more relaxing :-)

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