Saturday, March 29, 2008

Magnetic Tires

This morning, DH got up before I did so that he could pick up a colleague at the airport. As he was putting gas in the minivan, he walked around it and inspected it, as he usually does. Lo and behold, we had yet another flat tire. We have owned this car for five years, and the tires just seem to attract nails and screws. This is the fifth that we can definitively remember, and we're both pretty certain we've forgotten one or more.

The first one happened before we had even put 1000 miles on the car. We drove from San Diego to Berkeley, and discovered a flat tire when we arrived at the hotel. We had to buy a completely new tire, because that one punctured the sidewall. I remember two other incidents from our San Diego years. There was the time we were leaving B's music performance. And the time I backed out of the garage to go to my allergy shot appointment, and heard a "flap flap flap flap" sound. I think there were more. And this is our second flat since moving to the Bay Area a little over a year ago.

So, after picking up B from her slumber party, we headed out to spend the afternoon at Costco. In the 2.5 hours it took them to put our new tires on, we managed to eat lunch, go down every single aisle, and only purchase a half-dozen things (most of which we had planned to get, anyway). Oh, and we tried out several chairs in the garden section.

DH and I have collectively owned five cars since we met each other, and this is the only one that attracts sharp objects. Our other car is driven to many of the same places as this one, and it never gets flats.

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