Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Frenzy

My sister came over for Easter dinner last night. We had ham, homemade scalloped potatoes, and some asparagus that I managed to overcook. DH's family (parents, sister, niece & nephew) arrived late last night for a visit. Our house is sparkling clean (yes, even the kids' rooms), but don't look in the garage. Or B's closet.

In addition to the expected cleaning stuff, we had an extra task yesterday. On Saturday, we put Otto out in the yard to enjoy the sunshine. When we went to bring him in that evening, we discovered he had wedged himself under the steps to our deck, so we left him there in hopes that he would come out on his own. No such luck--the weather was hot and sunny yesterday afternoon, and he was still hiding, so DH and I had to drag him out. We took a stick and poked it between the treads of the stairs, to try and push him out, and I crawled under the deck and got hold of a corner of his shell to pull. After much pushing and pulling, we finally got him out. I've closed off his access to that area with an old shelf that was lying around, so hopefully we won't have any repeats!

I originally decided to take a day off from work today so I could join DH's family for their tour of Berkeley. However, there were one too many people to fit in the minivan, so I'm loafing at home today. I think I'll go to the grocery store BEFORE the kids get out of school.

On a completely unrelated topic, DH and I have for the last five years or so entered a March Madness pool run by a friend of ours. We know nothing about basketball: some years we've even let the kids enter and been beaten by them. This year, after the second round, I am leading the pool! I'll enjoy it while it lasts--I'm sure someone will pass me up in subsequent rounds.

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