Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back and Forth

Today was choir retreat day for S&P, but I think I spent as much time on the road as I did singing! DH left this morning for London, so I had to chauffeur the kids to their assorted destinations. First stop (after choir warmup) was the fencing school, which was only about five minutes away from the church in Richmond. Then back to rehearse for a couple of hours. At lunchtime, I picked up M from fencing class, and drove into Berkeley to drop off B for her 1:30-2:30 rehearsal. Then back to rehearse some more. At 2:30 (well, 2:40), M & I left Richmond to pick B up and take her to her friend's birthday party. I arrived to find that there had been a scheduling mixup at the ballet school, and B was expected to stay until 4:30! (The posted schedule did not make it clear that her level was included in the 3:15-4:30 rehearsal slot, and the e-mail clarifying it didn't go out until 11:15 this morning, two hours after we had already left home for the day). Since there was a lot of confusion, her ballet teacher very kindly compromised with us, and we left at 3:30.

Both kids are very good when it comes to these crazily scheduled days. When DH is gone and we have loooong days, I've started enforcing an extra rule in the house: anyone who whines or deliberately annoys a sibling starts losing media time (computer, video game, movies, TV). This usually keeps things pretty well in check, but the kids have an extra incentive this weekend. I finally found a Wii online that only required the purchase of one extra game with the bundle, and it's arriving on Monday. The kid with the fewest infractions gets to pick the first game they play :-)

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