Monday, April 21, 2008

School Projects

When I left work today, I was expecting a relatively calm afternoon. M is at camp, B has no activities on Mondays, and we got groceries yesterday. Time to make a real dinner (meatloaf & mashed potatoes), water the flowers, etc., before leaving for rehearsal.

Once B came home from school, she informed me that she has to make a model of the solar system this week. It's not due until Thursday, but by tomorrow morning she needs to have eight (or nine, if she chooses to include Pluto) objects of different sizes that were: a) spherical; b) light enough to hang from a string; and c) not going to rot in the next couple of weeks. Since we couldn't come up with enough round things to fit, it was off to Michael's. I was impressed by the number of different sizes of styrofoam balls they sell there, but a little disappointed that they're sold in packages. (Anyone out there want 15 Mercurys?)

Grandma gave B a set of acrylic paints for Christmas, so it looks like she'll get to use them. Now we just have to figure out where she can do her painting, since we don't want our floor permanently decorated. DH suggested the front lawn, but I thought it was a little windy today ("oops, there goes Mars!"), and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

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