Monday, April 14, 2008

Single Parenting

When DH travels on business, the kids and I have our own little routine. We eat TV dinners in front of the TV (but only once per trip!), and everyone sleeps in the master bedroom. We've also added a "make your own pizza" dinner to the routine, using premade ingredients (dough, sauce, shredded cheese) plus whatever toppings each person wants.

Those are the only things we enjoy about DH being away. I don't know how single parents do it on their own, but I always end up a frazzled mess by the end of the trip. Since I'm not willing to give up my own activities while he's gone, everyone has to go to everything, which makes for some long days.

Today's schedule:

  • 7:45 am Drive both kids to school

  • 8:00 am Attempt to cram a full-day's work into one morning (hmm, maybe I shouldn't be writing in my blog right now :-)

  • 1:55 pm Pick up both kids

  • 2:50 pm Leave for B's piano lesson (rescheduled from Thursday because of other conflict)

  • 3:15 pm B's piano lesson

  • 4:00 pm Leave piano lesson for M's fencing class

  • 5:00 pm Begin fencing class

  • 6:30 pm Leave fencing class, grab quick dinner at Costco (just down the street from the fencing school)

  • 7:15 pm Begin rehearsal for the piece I'm organizing for the S&P fundraiser on May 3rd

  • 7:30 pm S&P regular rehearsal

  • 10:00 pm Leave for home

Also on the schedule for today (but without a specific time)

  • Buy six flowers for Teacher Appreciation Week (three for each kid, due
    tomorrow morning

  • Buy snacks for S&P rehearsal tonight (why did I not check my calendar before signing up for tonight?)

  • Take out trash cans

  • Water flowers (it's been hot for the last couple of days, I put new plants in over the weekend, and DH hasn't repaired the sprinkler system yet)

Once upon a time, I used to hire a babysitter when I had evening rehearsals. Then, my parents moved to San Diego, and they were willing to come over and babysit anytime I needed them (thanks, Mom & Dad!). Now, we've moved away from my parents, and my kids have decided they are too old to be babysat and would rather come along to rehearsals with me. It's also cheaper that way--according to "The Poop," sitters start at $10-15/hour nowadays, and with a minimum of two rehearsals a week, 3-3.5 hours each time, that adds up very quickly.

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