Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sweets for the Sweet

Today was B's birthday, and we had nothing on the calendar, so we did a little shopping together. First stop was a sporting goods store, because B wanted roller skates for her birthday. Not roller blades (which they had at Target), but skates with the wheels in four corners. We were able to find her a pair, but since they come with a fixed boot, I opted to buy her one size larger, so she could wear them longer.

Next on the list was shopping for a baby gift. B normally hates clothes shopping (in the last year, she suddenly switched from girly girl to tomboy), but she thought the little tiny clothes were adorable, and had a great time helping me pick out an outfit for a little girl. I always buy newborns size 12-18 month outfits, in hopes that they'll get a little more wear out of them. We also managed to find a cute shirt and matching socks for B, but no shorts that she liked.

Last on the list was the grocery store, where we picked up ingredients for her birthday dinner: fried chicken patties on hamburger buns, frozen curly fries, and cake mix with frosting.

After dinner, as I was getting ready to bake her cake, B asked when I was going to bake her cookies, so she could take them to school tomorrow. Cookies? She couldn't possibly have mentioned that while we were AT the grocery store? Fortunately, we had exactly one stick of butter left for the cookies, and enough powdered sugar for the frosting. B did understand that I didn't have time to make both cake and cookies tonight, so we'll have her cake after DH gets home.

B picked out one of the dog cookie cutters in my collection, and sketched out for me exactly how I should color the cookies. The only brown gel coloring I had was ancient and nearly dried up, but it was enough for this time: dog cookie

(Note: I sent the digital camera with DH, since I thought he might see something interesting in London, so this was taken with my sister's cell phone. The paws and tip of the tail are actually white, which is a little hard to see.)

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