Friday, April 25, 2008

Brain Dead

It's definitely time for bed now. So far today, I've had two major mental lapses. I will only take partial credit for the first one: I had asked DH to clean the bathtub, since he bathed the dog in it and left it full of dog hair and mud. After he was done, I happened to go into the bathroom, and noticed the tub was not draining. DH was busy, but he suggested Drano. Which I tried. And then I tried his next suggestion of a plunger. No success. He finally finished what he was doing, and came over to take a look. And pushed down the little lever that opens the drain. Yes, I spent 30 minutes attempting to unclog a CLOSED drain. It had never occured to me that DH would clean the tub and not open the drain, so I won't accept full responsiblity for this one. :-)

The second lapse was entirely mine. Tomorrow is S&P retreat, and I decided to make spinach dip. I scribbled the ingredients on the shopping list, and picked up groceries today while B was at ballet class. Fast forward to about an hour ago, when I finally got around to making the dip. No sour cream, which is a major component. 10:45 pm is not a bad time to go to the grocery store, as long as you don't need stuff from the deli. It's nice and quiet, the lines aren't long, and there's plenty of parking.

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