Thursday, April 17, 2008

This and That

The week is almost over--DH arrives home tomorrow evening. The kids have heard a lot of music this week: S&P rehearsal on Monday night, Voci rehearsal last night, and Willy Wonka on Tuesday and today. (M would have had to go to the Willy Wonka rehearsals even without me, since he's in charge of the lighting board, but B wouldn't normally have been there.)

Since we all left Willy Wonka at 5:00 pm, and I haven't had time to go to the grocery store this week, we all drove straight to Safeway to pick up a roasted chicken and a loaf of Semifreddi's sourdough. We've managed to squeeze in a lot of B's favorite meals this week (the ones DH doesn't like), but tonight we went for quick and easy.

It was another warm, beautiful day (79 degrees when I got home), but I didn't get a chance to work in the garden. I need to perfect my chickenwire fences--I think the dog stuck her nose inside one of them and pulled up a daylily from a container. Next time I'll make the opening smaller. (At least it was a Costco daylily, not something I paid a lot for.)

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