Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sprinklers & Labels

Another exciting weekend day. DH started work on repairing the sprinkler system today. I was planning to do some stuff in the garden (fertilizing, weeding, etc.). Instead, I spent quite a bit of time bailing out the sump pump, which has stopped working. I still don't know what's wrong with it: I removed the gunk that was preventing the float from moving (two bucketfuls of mud & debris), but the circuit breaker trips whenever I try to activate the pump.

After two trips to the hardware store, DH did get the backyard sprinklers working again, but we're mystified by the front ones. They were all in working order when we turned off the system for the winter. Now, only one of them pops up and waters, so there must be a leak or blockage in the system somewhere. No idea where, and the idea of digging up the entire front yard to find out doesn't appeal to me. I did start digging around the working sprinkler to find out where to go from there, but the clay was too hard to make much progress on.

M is heading to fifth-grade camp this week, so I had to label all of his clothes and gear tonight. I drew the line at labeling socks--if he loses them, I'll just buy some new ones. I did label his underwear, his toothbrush, and his sunscreen (that he'll never remember to put on). He has two new pairs of tennis shoes (two pairs of shoes are required, and he had outgrown the ones he was wearing) and a new pair of flip-flops for the shower. Target had $2.99 flip flops for women, but nothing that cheap for men, so we got a $9.99 pair at Rite-Aid.

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