Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We have a Wii!

The Wii finally arrived on Monday afternoon. I had suggested to the kids on the way home from school that they should empty the dishwasher and practice the piano when they got home, so they could play when it arrived. Well, it appeared on our porch, and the dishwasher was still full, and no one had turned on the (digital) piano, so the box came in and sat while we went out to rehearsal.

Yesterday we finally unpacked it. After dinner (we had a dress rehearsal for the school musical until 6:00), B took a shower, M did his online homework, and I set the whole thing up. We only tried out Wii Sports, but had a great time.

The Dutch irises in the front yard are in full bloom now, and the bearded irises are not far behind. Once DH returns with the camera (tonight), I'll post a picture. In the back yard, there are roses everywhere. There's one pink bush, in particular, that seems to be very prolific.

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