Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break, Day 3

No, you didn't miss the "Day 2" post: the second day of our trip down here consisted of finding a dress for B, and chauffeuring her to and from a pair of playdates in our old neighborhood.

Today was a little more exciting. Well, B didn't think so, but it's not her blog :-) The family went down to our favorite San Diego mall, Fashion Valley. B made out like a bandit: I bought her some cropped jeans (on clearance), my mom exchanged two shirts she (B) didn't like and let her pick out the replacements, and B was able to buy herself socks (with Dalmations on them) and an Ugly Doll. I tried on a half-dozen pairs of jeans, and was able to determine that none of them fit properly. The ones that fit my hips were too tight in the legs, and the ones that fit my legs were too loose in the hips. If anyone has any great suggestions for places to buy jeans for women in small sizes (that don't charge an arm and a leg), please let me know! (Non-low-rise a plus!)

This evening I tagged along with a friend to a San Diego Master Chorale rehearsal and saw a lot of friends. I picked a good day to visit. SDMC is preparing for the premiere of Daniel Kellogg's Fiery Furnace with the San Diego Symphony, and tonight the composer came to listen to the choir. I got to sit in and sing along--it's a challenging work for the chorus, but I enjoyed listening and singing. I hope I'll be able to hear it with the orchestra someday.


Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you on the jeans front, but I can only get my stumpy fat self into the custom Lands End jeans. Not cheap, but since Target dumped the Cherokee khakis, I have wandered the earth looking for sturdy pants that fit and aren't making me into a Muffin Top -- Stephanie Jan Mom

Super Alto said...

I'm afraid I'm headed that way, too. The cheapskate part of me is still having trouble with the $70 price...